Little Day Out publishes various videos that give you the latest ideas and on-the-ground trends on the best of Singapore and region for families:

  • Bite Sized gets you up to speed on what’s on in and around Singapore
  • Let’s Play lets you escape on adventures with us to the best and coolest playgrounds
  • Big Little Stories are insightful chats with owners of family-friendly businesses on things that matter
  • LDO Specials capture fathers, mothers and children, and all the memories we can make and the fun we can have together.

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Bite Sized


[Video] The Great Circus Of Europe And Uncle Ringo Carnival

Celebrate the festivities surrounded by fun, games and lots of laughter! The Great Circus Of...

[Video] Sparkling Wonders of Christmas at Jewel

Go on a wintery escapade with glittering lights and festivities for all only at Changi...

[Video] A Frozen Wonderland At Changi Airport

Enjoy a dazzling light show, experience snow in the tropics, meet your favourite Frozen characters...

[Video] A Mammoth Adventure Back in Time

Go on an adventure back in time at the Singapore Zoo and help Little Momo...

[Video] NERF Action Xperience Arena

It’s Nerf or Nothin’! The first NERF Action Xperience Arena in the world has opened...

Big Little Stories


[Video] A Chat With Derrick Siu of Superfly Monkey Dragons

Parkour is usually associated with tall buildings and dangerous stunts, but Derrick Siu from Superfly...

[Video] A Chat With Edmund Wee of Huggs Epigram Coffee Bookshop

Meet Edmund Wee, publisher at Epigram Books and one of the co-owners of Huggs Epigram...

[Video] Meet A Night Safari Keeper

The Night Safari is the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park! Ever wondered what a day...
Chat with Chelsea Wan of Jurong Frog Farmvideo

[Video] A Chat With Chelsea Wan of Jurong Frog Farm

We had a chat with Chelsea Wan from the Jurong Frog Farm where she shared with us a...

[Video] Meet A Playground Designer From Playpoint

Meet Playpoint's Playground designer, Aryen Liaw. Her job involves coming up with creative concepts, researching...

Let’s Play

Admiralty Park Playground Videovideo

[Video] Admiralty Park Playground

In this first instalment of our "Let's Play" YouTube series on playgrounds in Singapore, we visit the playground...

[Video] West Coast Park Playground

Playgrounds are the great, big fun. And, if you are looking for a super-duper park...

[Video] Jacob Ballas Children’s Gardens

We're at our last and final episode of our "Let's Play" YouTube series on playgrounds...

[Video] Pasir Ris Park Playground

Episode 7 of our "Let's Play" YouTube series on playgrounds in Singapore, heads to the east where...

[Video] Jurong Central Park Playground

Episode 6 of our "Let's Play" YouTube series on playgrounds in Singapore, kids can play a starring...

LDO Specials

Guess The Childhood Snackvideo

[Video] Guess The Childhood Snack

Think you know your childhood snacks? How many of these can you identify in under...

[Video] Community Shop @ Mountbatten

The Community Shop is one of Food from the Heart Singapore's initiatives towards #givingbetter and...

[Video] 3 Chinese New Year Crafts

It's the start of yet another New Year in the Chinese calendar! Try these three...
How To Lo Hei Like A Pro With Auspicious Lo Hei Sayings And Words

[Video] How To Lo Hei Like A Pro With Auspicious Lo Hei Sayings And Words

Lo hei or yusheng is a Chinese New Year tradition. This dish, along with the...

[Video] Children Play With the Best Toys Of All Time

What's your kid's favourite toy? We put together some of the best toys of all...
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